I am Stefan Kalscheuer, software developer from Aachen, Germany.

Experienced Java developer with backend focus. I do prefer working on Jakarta EE stack aside from a Spring Boot modular architecture.

In the past I have done various projects including scratch new systems as well as major refactoring and extension of monolithic web applications into multi-module-systems.

While focusing on primary languages, I do see "multilingual" development experience as a great chance to profit from different points of view and ecosystems around different languages.

Aside from my Java works I have committed to various PHP projects, historically C++ stuff at embedded and Kernel level.

I love working with core language and a clear set of well-known frameworks. Doing so leads to reliable and maintainable applications, while not preventing one from using the latest technologies, just because of frequent upgrade overheads.

Professional background

Map of Aachen within Europe

Over 7 years of professional experience in enterprise Java application development. Over 10 years of PHP web development, some embedded projects in C/C++, some frontend stuff in JavaScript and TypeScript and various scripting stuff.

Working in small and medium teams, establishing agile techniques in a classical environment, propagating CI/CD pipelines and quality assurance. Full spectrum from maintenance, refactoring and extension of legacy systems to designing new applications from scratch. Degree in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University.

Background in hardware design, trained electronics technician, studies in Electronic Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and experience in development of power distribution and control systems.

Long time Linux user and administrator, preferably RHEL and Fedora, but also years of Debian use.